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Mobile Service Providers in India


If you have a Vodafone Postpaid Plan in your mobile SIM card then you may also buy a mobile handset with special postpaid mobile handset offers. Together these two will help you talk endlessly without having to worry about your bill. This facility is available with three plans: 'Group talk174' plan having a monthly rental of Rs. 174; the 'New talk 150' plan which has a monthly rental of Rs. 150 and 'New Talk 199' plan having a monthly rental of Rs.199.

Finance, Travel, mail, messaging and lots more can be enjoyed by being a Vodafone mobile subscriber. Vodafone is available with a wide variety of postpaid mobiles plans. One may choose the best according to their needs and budget.

You can get the right postpaid talk plan by just sending an SMS:->BEST FIT to 111 (Toll Free). All information relating to your Vodafone Postpaid bill payment can be obtained through your nearest Vodafone store or simply by calling 111 (Toll free). A Vodafone Postpaid bill payment can even be made online by logging onto 'My Vodafone' anytime.

A payment can also be made at the nearest multiplex, mall or a Vodafone store by cash, cheque or a credit card. Postpaid payment can also be made by payment vouchers which are available in denominations of Rs100, Rs200, Rs500 and Rs1000.

With E-payment facility one can also pay postpaid bills through cash at various post offices. Bill can often be paid by credit card by calling 111. By filling Direct Debit Form at nearest Vodafone store one can pay bill directly through pay bill account.


Airtel Postpaid Plans
With easy payment facility, good features and a variety of plans, Airtel Postpaid will let you enjoy the world endlessly. An Airtel subscriber enjoys features such as call management services, call waiting, call hold, call divert and call line identification. A call can be kept on conference simultaneously with the people, even when the other sides are using landline.

GPRS services, even while on roaming, can be used to check internet and office mails from anywhere around the world.

Other features include SMS alerts for missed calls with CLI and time details. This facility can be activated by calling *135*2#. Voice mail will help you receive a message even when the mobile is switched off. This facility is available with no extra charge but standard call rates apply.

Features like easy billing, easy payment options, long distance calling credit limits, and strong network coverage are available through an Airtel postpaid plan connection.

A number of fabulous facilities can be enjoyed through Airtel e-bill. One can register free on 'My Airtel' section and can view monthly bills with call details. You can differentiate between your personal and official calls for the last three months. If you are not satisfied with your present mobile plan you may change it by calling the IVR at 121 and then leaving your request. The request can also be sent through email to by logging onto 'My Airtel' section of the website or by sending an SMS to 121. Airtel payment can be done at any relationship center by either cash or credit card. Cheques can be submitted in the drop boxes for making payments. Payments can also be made through credit card by logging on to the 'My Airtel' section of the website. By giving standing instructions to debit your credit card account or bank account you can make easy payment for your Airtel bills. For this facility, you have to fill up a form (standing instruction form / ECS form) and mail or fax it to Airtel or drop it at the nearest relationship counter.

With Airtel's "Pay While Roaming", you can make your payment from anywhere in the country. Just reach the nearest Airtel Relationship Center, and make the payment by cash or credit card.

If your mobile usage exceeds your credit limit, Airtel will inform you - either with a voice or non-voice message - to make an interim payment or to reduce account balance to below your credit limit. An additional refundable deposit can be paid to enhance credit limit. Long distance STD/ISD calling facilities are also available on Airtel Phones. For more information you can dial '121' or send SMS to 121 or mail to


BSNL Postpaid Plans
Coverage, Cost and Clarity help judge best the extent of quality of any mobile service. BSNL - the best with all these 3C's - is available with BSNL postpaid mobile plans - Cellone. Activation charges of Rs.216/- and a compulsory security deposits are required to get a Cellone connection. An initial registration fee of Rs.500/- is also charged which is adjusted along with the first bill.

For ISD Rs.3000/-, for STD Rs.2000/- and for local connection Rs.1000/- are charged initially as security deposits. This may be increased depending on call pattern or default in payment.

Currently, Cellone is available with 3 plans: Plan-225, Plan-325 and Plan-525. All these plans have a monthly rental of Rs.225. Rs. 100 and Rs. 300 are plan charges for Plan-325 and Plan-525. Plan-525 has lower call charges than Plan-325.

If you are already a BSNL subscriber, you will not have to deposit any security fee. If equipped with Plan-325 and 525 along with roaming facility, one will not have to deposit any security deposit or monthly rental. Some other free facilities like Voice Mail Recording and receiving, CLIP, call waiting and call holding are available along with the plan. Latest SMS alerts for the missed calls are also available.

Billing is done monthly at selected departmental counters and banks or even through crossed cheques which can card in deep boxes with mobile no.,a/c no.,invoice no. and name of the subscriber on the back of the cheque.


Reliance Postpaid Plans Designed For Your Calling Needs
Reliance Mobile postpaid plans are 'designed to fit' your calling needs. If you are looking for some great tariffs, we are sure to have one appropriate for you. You can choose your plan from a variety of affordable tariff plans. Gone are the days when you were bound to a particular handset and phone number. Now set yourself free with the new Get Started Kit from Reliance Mobile Guidelines for a Postpaid Get Started Kit

A Postpaid Get Started Kit can be used with:
Any Reliance-ready handset, without a pre-allotted number.
Any second-hand, non-active Reliance handset.

A Postpaid Get Started Kit cannot be used with:
Reliance prepaid or postpaid handsets with a pre-allotted number.
Any active Reliance postpaid handset.
Reliance handsets that are damaged or reported as lost.
Submit the application form to a Reliance representative, and remember that you will be able to use the phone only after your application is registered in the Reliance system.

Our network travels with you
Travelling is an integral part of life in today's world. When you are on the move, keep in touch with business associates, friends and your loved ones through Reliance Mobile's roaming service, which offers excellent coverage in and outside India. You can be sure to enjoy the best coverage, wherever you go.

National Roaming:
Stop costly roaming. Start National roaming all over the country, at zero rental with Reliance Mobile.

Reliance World Roaming:
Now roam across 200 countries and 350 GSM and CDMA networks with your Reliance number.

Tata Indicom

Tata Indicom Postpaid Plans
The most apt and suitable postpaid mobile phone is now ready to offer both prepaid and postpaid mobile phone connections. It should be noted that Tata Indicom postpaid mobile plan STD charges are one of the lowest in India for distances falling within a circumference of around 500 kilometers with no additional airtime charges. Offering superior voice clarity, congestion free networks, high speed data access are the primary priorities of the company in around 1000 cities.

Tata Indicom is the nation's first company to introduce International roaming with a One World One Number T-SIM card. This T-SIM card will help switch between CDMA and GSM networks without using a different SIM card. Tata Teleservices had a merger with CDMA and GSM network in about 178 countries. With Tata Indicom's Telecommunication services the whole world had turned one single home.

Thanks to Tata Indicom's "One World One Number" which empowers with many unique features:

1.One World One Number T-Sim Card: which helps to enjoy both CDMA and GSM services by selecting any one from both type networks.

2. One Number: will help reach anywhere in the world with the same Tata Indicom mobile number.

3. One Address Book: helps have a single address book throughout the world.

4. One Phone: The new Dual WORLDPHONE (GLOBALMOTO) has been introduced for the first time in India; which has the capability of working with both CDMA and GSM networks. It helps enjoy services which the company offers, no matter where-ever one goes.

5. One Caller Line Identity: Even being on roaming when one makes an outgoing call, the CLI will be displayed on the phone of the called party.

6. One Zone One Tariff: This facility helps provide easy to afford and safe tariffs for any call that one makes while roaming internationally in GSM countries.

7. One Bill: One can now find local and international roaming calls in the same monthly bill.

8. One Helpline: Single customer help number-9225510000 is capable of solving every kind of customer problem. Customer care is ready to help anywhere anytime 24*7 not just at the nearest customer care but also On-Line.


Aircel Postpaid Plans
The Aircel group is a joint venture between Maxis Communications Berhad of Malaysia and Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd of India, with Maxis Communications holding a majority stake of 74%.

Aircel commenced operations in 1999 and became the leading mobile operator in Tamil Nadu within 18 months. In December 2003, it launched commercially in Chennai and quickly established itself as a market leader - a position it has held since.

Aircel began its outward expansion in 2005 and met with unprecedented success in the Eastern frontier circles. It emerged a market leader in Assam and in the North Eastern provinces within 18 months of operations. Till today, the company gained a foothold in 18 circles including Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Assam, North East, Orissa, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kolkata, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, UP(West), UP(East), Maharashtra & Goa and Mumbai.

The Company has currently gained a momentum in the space of telecom in India post the allocation of additional spectrum by the Department of Telecom, Govt. of India for 13 new circles across India. These include Delhi (Metro), Mumbai (Metro), Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Goa, Rajasthan, Punjab, UP (West) and UP (East).

Aircel has won many awards and recognitions. Voice and Data gave Aircel the highest rating for overall customer satisfaction and network quality in 2006. Aircel emerged as the top mid-size utility company in Businessworld's 'List of Best Mid-Size Companies' in 2007. Additionally, recognised Aircel as the best regional operator in 2008.

With over 20 million happy customers in the country, Aircel the fast growing telecom company in India has revved up plans to become a full-fledged national operator by end of 2009.

Aircel provides its customers with a variety of postpaid plans meant to suit different calling needs. With Aircel postpaid plan one can explore a world of unlimited possibilities. The features available for Aircel postpaid subscribers are as follows:
1. Colour SMS: helps get rid of black and white SMS.

2. Caller Ring Back Tunes (CRBT): helps provide latest ring tones making you get rid of old "Tring-Tring" type of tunes.

3. Aircel 55555 Services: Just dialling 55555 will allow you to access the latest ring tones, latest news, daily horoscopes and many other services.

4. Aircel Subscription Service: gives latest News, Cricket updates, Jokes and many more.

5. Aircel Health Services: Provides information about drug-free, side effect free cures for many different types of ailments.

6. Aircel Railway Services: gives complete information regarding the time of arrival of train, availability of seats, etc. At any time, whenever needed.

7. Aircel Play Scrabble: A fun game that will help improve one's vocabulary.

8. Aircel SMS CHAT/CRUSH: Find like-minded people and have fun chatting with them

9. Aircel Search Your Favourite Ringtones: will help you find your favourite ringtones.

10. Aircel Voice Mail Box: Allows you to receive voice messages even when you are busy

11. Cricket Updates: Aircel provides its customers with latest cricket updates from all around the world.

12. Aircel Top Ringtones/Item Ringtones: will help an individual to store the best ringtones on one's mobile phone.

13. Aircel contact saving feature helps you to safely store your contacts

14. Aircel healthy living tips: Receive health, food and fitness related tips on your mobile

15. Aircel SIM Browser Service provides value added services and features on the mobile phone.

16. Aircel Dictionary: Use it to know the meaning any word at any time or place

17. Aircel also provides ringtones in regional languages

18. Other services include jokes and Hollywood/English ringtones

Enjoy all these services and more on Aircel.


Idea PostPaid Plans
IDEA is synonymous with SIMPLICITY & AFFORDABILITY. With Idea one can enjoy "Roam like Home" type of experience. Idea is the first telecom operator in INDIA with such a facility. Idea has cut call rates on all modes of communication from SMS based to voice based ones, to provide best value for money. Features like the latest ringtones download, freshest joke, train arrival and departure timings and also airline flight times are available to IDEA subscribers. Other features like movie ticket booking, latest cricket score, stock information, downloading games or chatting online can also be enjoyed through IDEA. Other features include Caller Line Identification (CLIP). Call hold/Wait is another free feature that helps you make another call, without having to disconnect from the first call.

Idea is also equipped with the facility of conference calls with up to five people. Conference calls can be made to either cellular or Landline phones, including STD and ISD calls.

With Idea cellular, a call can be diverted to any other phone whether Idea, Airtel, BSNL, etc. Calls can be diverted unconditionally i.e. without ringing or a call can be diverted conditionally when the cell is busy, when the call is not answerable or when the cell is either switched off or is in no coverage area.

Postpaid payment can be made at any Grocery shop which is selling Idea Mobile phone along with their connection.